Development Plan

Development Plan

The Designer, P. C. Cruz & Associates submitted an unsolicited proposal and was commissioned by the Presidential Commission on RIZLAQUE Growth Area to conceptualize the project based on the objective of the commission in accordance to the implementing rules and regulations of RA 7718 or the BOT Law.

2:1. Concept Design

The design criteria of the project give preferential importance to socio-economic desirability and to fill up the high demand of mass housing in the Metropolis with the intention of totally eliminating the undesirable view caused by squatting in eastern Metro Manila and its immediate towns. It also seeks to save the informal settlers from the dangerous berm slope and at the same time help in the rehabilitation of the channel and the restoration of the endangered aquatic resources and marine life species in Laguna Lake.

The project is expected to contribute to the economy of the Province in terms of development, employment, revenues and investment, as the project will be financed by a foreign investor on a Build Operate Transfer (BOT) scheme.

2:2. Site Development

2:21. Site Pre‑survey

The actual site is Twelve (12.00) meters strip of land along the uppermost portion of the Berm slope, at both side of Manggahan Floodway, from Stn. 2+150 to Stn. 8+900 Pasig City Metro Manila to Cainta & Taytay in the Province of Rizal, with a total of 20 lot parcels and with a total aggregate area of 181,235 square meters allocated for residential and commercial purposes. The remaining 129,990 and 119,700 square meters two (2) reserved lots are allocated for the perpetual use of small and medium scale entrepreneur willing to put up livelihood project to support the housing program.

2:2:2. Land Development

  • The bottom portion of the Project Site is soaked into water and will require the installation of rigid concrete sheet piles throughout the proposed site to protect the foundations of the structures from the hydraulic pressure of floodwater. 
  • To provide enough setbacks for sidewalks and for future widening of existing bridges, rivers & creeks and permanent structures, as well as provisions for future construction of Mercedez and LakeshoreBridges. 
  • To provide sufficient water, electrical and communication facilities, drainage and garbage disposal and sewer waste treatment plant.

2:3. Building Design

2:3:1. The design of a Five (5) Storey Medium Rise Building (MRB) with a roof deck to serve as a playground for the children, car parking spaces, and a service road at the lower ground. The erection of commercial establishment at the upper ground level fronting the service road, and a watercraft stations allocated to qualified deserving informal settlers, and to allocate;

  • champaca1
  • 76 MRBs, with a total of 8,512 units of Champaca I & 456 units of 21.00 m² Champaca II Model, Studio Type residential units for the low-income group.
  • ilang2
  • 52 MRBs, with a total of 3,744 units of 31.50 m² One Bedroom Ilang-Ilang Model low-cost residential units, for the deserving land less – homeless employees of the provincial government of Rizal
  • camia
  • While the remaining 62 MRBs with a total of 3,348 units of 42.00 m² Two Bedroom medium size residential units of Sampaguita Model and the 456 units of 63.00 m² Two Bed-room Camia Model distributed to some 144 MRBs and are allocated to the public.
  • commercial units
  • Commercial space at the ground level of the 190 MRBs, along the service road, ranging from 21, 42, 84, 126, 168, 234 & 252 square meters in size or a total area of 44,676 square meters, open to the public but with preferential consideration to the recipients. The purpose of opening the Sampaguita & Camia Models, the Industrial and the commercial space to the public is to subsidize the cost of the socialized and low-cost housing units, for the low-income recipients to qualify to the program.
  • amenities
  • To provide Amenities such as: Six (6) transport and floating restaurant wharf terminals and marinas for watercraft allocated for channel guard speed boats, for hire water transport, fish pen operators & water sports group.
  •  mcdo
  • Four (4) Cooperative Markets allocated to the low-income recipient and a space at the upper floor intended for food chain operators and parking lots for customers.
  • prep
  • Four (4) Prep schools in addition to the existing elementary & secondary school buildings distributed throughout the site, and a separate Administration Office & Multi-Purpose Hall.
  • building clusters
  • Two (2) Building Clusters for health, security & protection services; Two (2) Health Centers, Two (2) Police Stations and Two (2) Fire Stations.
  • livelihood
  • To provide an additional source of livelihood for the no fixed income recipients by allowing the private entrepreneurs to establish small and medium scale labour-intensive manufacturing business at the 24.969-hectare reserve Industrial lots. The reserve lots shall be also utilized as the staging facilities for the informal settlers affected by the construction and for temporary warehousing, stockpiling of materials and yard of heavy – equipment & fabrication area of pre‑cast components of the project. With the implementation of the livelihood project, and with the help and assistance of the government agencies like PCUP, CDA and HUDCC, the informal settlers shall be provided with a permanent source of income, aside from the benefit of providing them safe & decent shelter and a pollution-free environment

2:4. Waste Management

   2:4:1. Garbage

The installation of two (2) garbage chute per MRBs, to collect the garbage from the 16,516 units residential condominiums and 44,676 square meters commercial establishment, have it discharged properly through a sealed garbage bin installed under the fire exit staircase, which is to be collected daily by the designated garbage truck, and simultaneously segregated and processed at the Solid Waste Segregation Plant.

2:4:2. Waste Treatment Plant

The construction of the waste treatment plant per embankment to collect the sewerage disposal from the proposed 190 units 5 storey MRB residential commercial buildings and other allied amenity structures, have it treated, before discharge to the Lake.

2:4:3. Culvert Interceptor

The construction of two interceptor culverts, designed to collect all drainage disposals from the entire development.

With the system, the preservation of the environmental sanitation of the 10.10 km. manmade channel and the rehabilitation of the natural aquatic resources and marine life of LagunaLake shall systematically be managed and regulated.

To effectively implement the project, and thru the recommendation of the Presidential Commission on RIZLAQUE Growth Area, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan passed a Resolution, SP Res. No. 00 -237, dated November 13 2000, approving the project as the alternative solution to the excessive demand of mass housing and the solution to the escalating squatting and pollution problem in the area. The same is approved by the Presidential Commission on RIZLAQUE Growth Area, dated March 26, 2001, for inclusion to the priority list among the growth development in the Province of Rizal. It is likewise submitted for accreditation as a Socialized and Low-Cost Housing project with the Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor (PCUP) in coordination with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), indorsed to and simultaneously approved by the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC), dated January 8, 2002, in consultation with other related implementing agencies of the government such as the DENR and DPWH, and a proclamation of the site, Proc. 1160 took place on October 17, 2006, allocating twenty parcels of land for the perpetual use for Home Along the Floodway housing project and other allied structures, now known, TACAPA Housing. A 15.50-kilometer mass housing at TAytay / CAinta / PAsig, along Manggahan Floodway.